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Blue Raspberry Blues

Date: 05-05-2022

Song stuck in my head upon waking up: My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Nightcore Remix) - ATC [YT]

This entire dream was presented as a documentary about a war (that hasn't actually happened) between america and canada. While it was loosely about the whole war, the main focus of the documentary was an unnamed soldier initially fighting on the side of america.

Said soldier joined the war one random day without enlisting. They then proceeded to aide the war effort by parachuting into combat zones and doing everything in their power to flavor the surrounding earth blue raspberry-flavor. This took the form of spraying blue raspberry spray, drizzling blue raspberry syrup into nearby bodies of water, and "salting" the earth with crushed blue raspberry candy. They did not fire a single shot, nor did they get injured whatsoever.

The documentary paired this section with heatmaps suggesting that combat genuinely dropped strongly in areas this soldier dropped into. To that end, the soldier was so convinced that what they were doing would end the war that when the war was still going the next day, they defected to the canadian military, where it was their job to remove sealife from bodies of water and replace their body weight with salt, so as to cause further damage to any wounded soldiers who fall into canadian waters.