// .: DREAMS :. //

Living Room in a society

Date: 01-24-2020

This dream started out fairly normal. Some undetermined issue with everyone's diplomas meant my high school's graduating class had to all go back to school for exactly one day. In a slightly weirder turn, while most of my classmates had gathered on the scheduled day, myself included, none of them did or said anything suggesting today wasn't just another day of 12th grade.

Other than that, the school day passed uneventfully, and after classes a few of us decided to hang out at one of our houses. A little while of people pouring in and chatting later, one of them suggests watching Joker (the movie, of which I've seen maybe two minutes of), and the crowd generally agrees. About ten minutes in, a coffee table in the room we were watching on caught alight with a small fire on one of its legs. Obviously, everyone rushed to put the fire out, only to sit back down and act like it never happened.

I, recognizing that a burning table isn't something that just happens, get up and voice my plan to check the rest of the house for other fires, to zero reaction. As a result, I found myself exploring the other rooms of this person's house, which seemingly never ran out no matter how much I explored. Maybe an hour of house-exploring later, I remember there's a movie going on in the other room, and start finding my way back.

When I get back into the living room, I immediately notice that the four people I was watching with were all duct-taped to the wall. In the orange glow of the afternoon sun, I could see that each of them was wearing the costume from the movie, in progressively declining quality (from a perfect replica to a paper plate + marker mask.) Only the person nearest the door, the one in the perfect costume, noticed me, at which point they turned their head towards me, said "oh hey, welcome back", and turned back to the movie.

I, of course, woke up in a fright.